A Late Spring Look At Fergus Garrett's White Flower Farm--Where Anytime Is A Good Time

White Flower Farm hosted their annual eve-of-summer sale today, and, like every other gardener in a 50-mile radius of the place, I was there. After sating my plant lust with a great trove of annuals and a passel of perennials, I decided to swing by the Fergus Garrett border that was the subject of a post a few months ago. So without further ado...here's what it looks like this time of year.

There are no alliums in this shot (at left), but they do play a starring role in many of these combinations. I just wrote about alliums and their value in the late spring garden over at GGW, so it was gratifying to see that these humble garlic relatives get their moment in the sun here at White Flower Farm too.

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balsamfir said...

I remember reading about the planting of this a while back. Its a little hard to see, but what is the red leafed shrub? behind the nepeta in the 2nd to last photo? Is it a barberry?