Brussels Loves Begonias

Three million begonias is a lot of begonias-enough to make this 300 square yard floral carpet, which brightens downtown Brussels. These are cut flowers, laid down right on top of the cobblestones. One hot, hot sunny day and the whole thing must be toast. Talk about ephemeral art. Belgians have been recreating these vast medieval carpet patterns with begonia bloms for almost 40 years as part of their ongoing efforts to promote interest in and awareness of the flower. Certainly gets my attention.

Hat tip: Martha Cheshire and First Post


Gail said...

Fantastic display.

Kim said...

That is amazing and very beautiful. It also brought back some happy memories of my trip to Belgium in 1990.

Carol said...

I saw this for the first time (in photos) last year but thought they were plants! Cut flowers! Wow! As you say quite the attention grabber! I must say I feel for the flowers though. But maybe they enjoy being part of such a great work of art. Amazing tradition.