The Pause That Refreshes

Oops! I realize a fair amount of time has passed since my last post. I even missed two Fab Foliage Fridays. I guess that means I'm taking a break. Circumstances (but good circumstances!)warrant a brief hiatus. So, I'm outta here. But I'll be back--and so will Fab Foliage Fridays--in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, you can take a gander at my patio, where a dismal garden season actually managed to end with flourish.


Open Garden Today

Since I've spent the last several days sunk deep into the endless tasks that that precede going public with the garden, I forgot to mention something: today is Garden Conservancy Open Day, 12-4. Come if you can.


Fanged Frogs and More

An international team of researchers descending a kilometer deep into the crater of Mount Bosavi, an extinct volcano in Papua New Guinea, founds all kinds hitherto unseen life: mammals, insects, birds, amphibians...fanged frogs, grunting fish and then some. It was like some biological jackpot. and it just goes to show how important it is to preserve bio-rich rainforests the world over. For more on the New Guinea crater, read this.


Fab Foliage Friday...err, Saturday

I'm agape over agaves. Really, just about anything agaveaceous gets my attention. So sculptural! So shapely! So...lethal! They are one of those plants that go with anything, anywhere. I know I'm not being so specific as to nomenclature, but that's because many of my agaves have come from Home Depot, a friend or whatever and I have no clue as to their actual botanic names. I don't have to know the name of something to like it. Any agave will do, from the steely blue-gray ones to the beauteous variegated version seen here. This year I even got a way cool gold one, and though hail and slugs have battered the poor little guy, it should put on a good show next time around. So easy to grow: well drained soil, sun and...well, that's it. Overwinter in cool bright indoor space.


Travels With Delphine

Let Delphine show you the way to the weird, the wonderful, the strange, the seductive...Delphine Gitterman is a tireless prospector of the garden blogosphere and her blog Paradis Express offers eye candy extraordinaire. You never know what you'll find--botanical tattoos, cool sheds, exotic artworks--but it's always worth the visit. Delphine is prolific too-there's always something new to see. What are you waiting for?

Follow The Burning Man

I've always wanted to attend Burning Man, the sci-fi/art/music/tribal event held each year around this time at Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. But I never have. This year though, I've happened onthe next best thing, the Burning Blog, which offers fine coverage of all the goings on. I guess it's just about the next best thing to being there. You might also check out Burning Man.