Beth Dow's Garden Dreams

Beth Dow photographs all kinds of things, but she creates particularly dreamlike black-and-white images of English and Italian gardens. The limited tonal range of the overall photos, and the spooky aura that seems to emanate from some of the brighter objects makes these gardens seems rooted in the imagination rather than the earth. There's a mystical quality to her work.

Here's what Beth has to say about her photographs, from her website: "These recent photographs were taken in formal English and Italian gardens. The shape and mystery of these places are a natural draw for me as they offer glimpses of the rich traditions of garden making. I am interested in garden history and historical concepts of paradise, and aim for pictures that have a meditative quality to reflect the spiritual urges that inspired the earliest gardens some six thousand years ago."

For more Beth Dow, a slideshow of her discussing her work can be found here.

Hat tip: Dark Roasted Blend


Kim said...

I really like those photos - I'd like to have a large print of the second one hanging on my wall! Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Beth Dow's Garden Dreams are magical and hauntingly beautiful... I am drawn into her world even though I do not particularly care for formal gardens... I am so grateful for your sharing of her art and the link to her website where I am going posthaste! Thank You!

Steve Silk said...

Kim--I wouldn't mind having a large print of any one of her photos. They're different, and exquisite.

Steve Silk said...

Carol--I'm not so wild about formal gardens either, but I do appreciate them, especially when portrayed in such an incredible way. Hope you liked her site.