Wild About Your Garden

Today marks the debut of a new BBC gardening show. Wild About Your Garden picks up an old theme--the garden makeover--but takes it in a new direction. It's garden-design-and-build team creates gardens designed to attract wildlife. Out with the old concrete patio, in with the bird-friendly mixed border. You can catch a preview by clicking on the link above. No clue how much of this show may be watchable via the internet, but you'll find-at the very least-ideas you can use on the website.


Zoƫ said...

The line up on this one worries me. Chris Beardshaw I could listen to all day, the other two, I'd rather eat worms!

Time will tell, but I suspect you can watch it via BBC iPlayer on demand.

Steve Silk said...

Thanks for weighing in on this Zoe. Happy to hear from someone familiar with the players. I figure at least the theme is a good one-as gardeners we should act as stewards for our little patch of the planet.

Thanks too for the BBC iPlayer tip.