Got Cups?

Recycling is a good thing. It can even be a great thing, artistically speaking. "The Gravity of Color, Series #5" a sculpture by Lisa Hoke, is made entirely of paper and plastic cups. It's on display at the New Britain Museum of American Art, a gem of a museum in nearby New Britain, CT, and should hang there, more or less, until the cups start falling off the wall. Think of the potential for recycled art work in the garden: old tools, broken wheelbarrows, pots, seed packets, plant tags...hmmm.


Kit Aerie-el said...

That really looks like a giant beaded piece of clothing, which really belongs in the Experience Music Project or the Textile Museum in DC. No matter where it is, it's very impressive.

Steve Silk said...

Hey Aerie-el, maybe the Jolly Green Giant should try it on. It's a cool thing, and so neat that it's made from such humble materials.