Fab Foliage Friday

Today's fab foliage is not a plant, it's an idea. The idea that you don't need anything but leaves to make a compelling garden vignette, This big leaf bonanaza comes from the ever-amazing Longwood Gardens, from a spot deep inside the coils of its vast conservatory. Don't know whether this particular chlorophyll-filled chamber has an official name; to me it is always the Hall of Steroidal House Plants. Whatever you want to call it, the plants speak for themselves. Eloquently.


ks said...

Zowie ! Now that is drama !

Denise said...

I've been growing that xanthosoma for a couple years here in So. Calif. They top off at about 3 feet. Longwood's was at least double in height when I was there this October. Their conservatory is like the Playboy mansion of plants.