Backyard Birds 'n Bugs

Extraordinary photos of backyard birds and bugs are the province of Rick Lieder. Rick's a sci-fi illustrator who, in his spare time, hunkers down amid the plants in his Michigan backyard and spends hours stalking the local birds and bugs, waiting for the perfect moment. His eye for composition and fine natural light produce incredible results. You can see a wide selection at his site, or hunker down yourself and purchase "Aerial Acrobats", his new book of backyard bird photos. Tip 'o the hat to Duncan Brine.


RURAL said...

Amazing photos, he is a wonderful photographer. What patience he has, I really enjoyed seeing these shots.

There was a photographer exhibiting at our local library, he shot extreme macro, and blew them up to 24 inches plus. And never used a tripod. How steady he must have been.


Steve Silk said...

Hi Jen--Yep, patience is the name of the game for getting these kids of photos. I cannot imagine stalking these critters, but am so glad someone does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my wildlife work, Steve.

Patience, yes, and maybe a bit of madness to put up with all stings, bites and rashes.