Happy Color

Some folks have an incredible flair for using color in a celebratory way. This is not about about combining delicately harmonic hues, or creating carefully wrought tasteful vignettes. It is about COLOR, and having fun with it. I call this go-for-broke, no-holds-barred assault on more mannerly palettes Happy Color. Seeing it brings a smile to my face. It's an approach that can work in everything from painting to interior design.

Gardeners especially, sometimes use a riot of colors, and let loose a whole host of wildly varied hues. The New York Times profiles Anado McLauchlin and his partner, two guys who have totally embraced Happy Color's sheer sensual glory. A great little slide show, with photos by Adriana Zehbrauskas, accompanies the story. While there's no chance my house is going to look anything like the Casa de Colores, ever, I'm very happy that there is such a place in this, in-where else-Mexico, the spiritual home of Happy Color.

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Hey! That's our house!