Garden Partners: Using Shape and Color to Create Pleasing Plant Combinations

Making compelling plant combinations is the core of the gardener’s art. This PowerPoint presentation proceeds one simple step at a time, examining ways to use the elements of shape, texture and color to create beds and borders that look good all season long.


vermontflowerfarm@outlook.com said...

Hello Steve;

I'm really enjoying your pictures but I'm not understanding the PowerPoint presentations. These are presentations you give to groups?

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
Vermont Gardens
Vermont Flower Farm

Steve Silk said...

Hey George--that's exactly what they are. My blog is still a fledlgling; I haven't really figured out a way to make all that clear and easy to understand. I need to put a "booking a talk" post in with the powerpoint stuff so that little section is clearer.

Anonymous said...

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