Fab Foliage Friday

It was a case of love at first sight soon as I laid eyes hardy tapioca (Manihot grahamii). Those wavy-edged leaves, sinuous as an Indonesian kris, or ceremonial dagger, cut me to the quick. I just had to have one. Now I do. (They aren't all that easy to find.) I'm growing it in apot this year so I can move it around as it gets ever-larger, and compare its foliar effects with those of a variety of neighbors, for cannas and elephant ears to irises and slender grasses. And you know what? It looks good with everything! But hardy? Not here. Reputedly hardy to Zone 7b. I will nonetheless try to winter this over, probably in a cool bright spot. I'm already looking forward to its presence next year.


Greg said...

Hi Steve,
I got this plant from Plants Delight a few years ago. My hardy tapioca is now over six feet tall and sits on my terrace during the summer. In the winter I store the tapioca in my basement where it drops its leaves and goes dormant. I keep it on the dry side until late winter when new leaves begin to emerge.

Steve Silk said...

Hey Greg! I wondered if that was you jumping in from Queensbury. Hope all's well. Bet that garden of yours is rocking! Thanks for the tapioca tip-that's what I'll try. I got mine from Cottage Gardens--check out their site--great for unusual annuals.