Art-full Gardens of LongHouse

I've seen gardens that displayed art, and gardens that were artfully planted, but I've never seen anything quite like the LongHouse Reserve, where outdoor art and horticultural high style meet in a seamless embrace. This East Hampton, NY sanctuary aims to "exemplify living with art"--and it does. Wandering its trails and open spaces is a journey of playful discovery, enriched by unusual landforms, contemporary sculpture, and the singular beauty of artfully imagined gardens. At left stand --no, not fallen meteorites--strange, stonelike orbs: "Untitled (Round Forms)" by Grace Knowlton.
Cobalt rods by glass master Dale Chihuly rise from a swirl of grasses.
The arbor re-invented: "Entrance to a Garden" by Dennis Oppenheim. If you actually pass through this intriguing blue structure, you're rewarded with an almost secret seating spot, a welcoming bench perched near a wisteria. And, of course, it's not every day that you see an elephant doing a trunk stand, but maybe that's a good thing. "Elefandret" by Miguel Barcelo.

Below, "Fly's Eye Dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, is seen through the open "Sea of the Ear-Ring" by Takashi Soga.

Throughout LongHouse, visitors happen upon clusters of primitive-looking pots positioned with dramatic flair.

I especially like these three studies in shape, perched atop a sand dune near the garden's entry. Their somber hues and enigmatic forms are deeply mysterious, and linger in the mind long after leaving the LongHouse Reserve's artful oasis.


Benjamin Vogt said...

What a cool place! I'd like to do a lot of those things, and am actually waiting on a sculpture to place in my lawn. The pots just artfully placed is an easy, great idea. Thanks for the intro.

Jill-O said...

I'm a big Chihuly fan. I prefer his more organic looking pieces, but the bright blue rods are really a contrast to the nature it is planted in. I'm finding it interesting and feel the need to take another look

Carol said...

Great gardens! Love the old pots and the larger forms as you do ... create a sense of timelessness.

Hort Log said...

advant garde and plants coming together - I must check it out the next time I'm in that corner