Unearthing My Recent Past

OK, so I've been MFB (missing from blogosphere) for almost a year now. Some sort of explanation might be in order, but it's a long story. Anyhoo, here's some of what I've been up to lately.
Remember this part of the garden? It looks presentable here, but I've never beeen satisfied with it--despite many iterations and years of evolution. A good solution always escaped me.

So we regrouped and called in the earthmover, who came in February to dig the whole place up. incuding the big frozen rootballs of any plants worth saving. This guy was a master at maneuvering his tiny digger and managed to scrape out enough space for a foundation without causing major havoc in the rest of the garden, and soon enough we had Clatter Valley's newest feature: a sunroom.

Lots is going on in there that will be the subject of future posts. I'm growing exotic vines planted in the ground (the floor is gravel, atop richly amended soil), carnivorous plants, a green wall and, of course, it will soon provide winter quarters for some of my favorite tropicals.

Our hope is that this will become our home away from home come winter, where we can dine amid the feel of a tropical splendor. The artiste's sole stipulation is that we have room for a dining table and chairs. otherwise I can run amok in there--and I plan to do just that. Birdboy let loose some anoles (gecko-like lizards) and for a while a finch and parrot were in free-flying residence. Alas, the critters have already escaped to either their reward (the birds) or the great outdoors (the anoles).

Over this sweltering summer, I wrassled 5 tons of stone to create terraces and raised beds that frame our new addition. The place is already starting to settle into the garden at large. Here's a look at some of the pots on the new terrace just outside the sunroom


Carol said...

I have certainly missed your beautiful posts! So glad you are back. Looks like you have been busy. Lovely photos of your paradise. ;>)

Steve Silk said...

Hey Carol, so nice to know you're still out there. Thanks for dropping by. The good thing about a hiatus is that it gives you a whole backlog of stuff.

Pam/Digging said...

My god, you've been busy. I was just wondering whether you'd quit the blog. I'm glad it's not so. I always enjoy your posts and images of your beautiful garden.

Steve Silk said...

Pam-No I didn't quit, but it was a more extended break than I anticipated. Many things, good and bad, got in my way. Really makes me appreciate how folks like you hang in there for the long haul, and always manage to have great words and pictures.