Fab Foliage Friday...err, Saturday

I'm agape over agaves. Really, just about anything agaveaceous gets my attention. So sculptural! So shapely! So...lethal! They are one of those plants that go with anything, anywhere. I know I'm not being so specific as to nomenclature, but that's because many of my agaves have come from Home Depot, a friend or whatever and I have no clue as to their actual botanic names. I don't have to know the name of something to like it. Any agave will do, from the steely blue-gray ones to the beauteous variegated version seen here. This year I even got a way cool gold one, and though hail and slugs have battered the poor little guy, it should put on a good show next time around. So easy to grow: well drained soil, sun and...well, that's it. Overwinter in cool bright indoor space.


Pam/Digging said...

I'm with you on that agave obsession, Steve. I find most of mine at my favorite independent nurseries, but you're right that Home Depot or Lowe's carry more than you'd think. I was at Lowe's buying mulch today and saw squid agaves (A. bracteosa), one of my faves, which I'd never seen there before.

Carol said...

Gee I would not want to run into those in the dark... but I do appreciate their forms... and the shrewd consciousness it takes to create such sharp leaves... weapons really. Your blue pot looks great with the agave leaf.