Fab Foliage Friday

I like elephant ears. It's another of those plants where, the more the merrier. I especially like the new gigantic offering that making the rounds as--what else?--Colocasia gigantea. Oh yeah, it's big. Look how it dwarfs that chair--and I took that photo before the end of last season, and let me tell you, that plant got bigger EVERY DAY. Love the way it looks with 'Illustris' too. I tried to over winter the bulb-bare and dormant-and should know soon if it survived. I sure hope it survived --I'm looking for it to get even more gigantea this year.


Sylvia (England) said...

That is amazing! Do let us know if it survives because "I want one!"

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Steve Silk said...

I'll let you know Sylvia, but even if it doesn't, these are not so expensive as to preclude their use as a single season annual.

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