Fab Foliage Friday

Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'. What a mouthful. And, for sure, an eyeful. Is it possible there is a grass with more graceful form? I don't think so. The gentle, waterfall-like cascade of gold Japanese forest grass is superlative for softening edges, for use in containers, and as contrast with broader-leaved plants...Heck, its use in the garden is virtually limitless. Too bad it's so pricey. But a plant as beauteous as this, with such eye-catching color-I challenge anyone to ignore the sheer splendor of its slender blades of green-streaked sunshine--may well be worth its weight in gold.

For more on the foliage front, check out a story on colorful foliage I did for the local newspaper, the Hartford Courant.

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