Fab Foliage Friday

What's not to like about Euphorbia 'Flame Leaf'? Teardrop-shaped leaves the size of your pinky fingernail are colored a deep burgundy and edged in bright green, are borne on amultitude of slender stems so they are at once billowy and spilling. Thanks to their amiable color, they fraternize well with almost any other plant. These little guys are invaluable in container schemes, and look especially handsome draped over the side of a pot, though they are happy in the ground as well. Unfortunately, 'Flame Leaf' is a tender treasure, but is easily overwintered in bright indoor spot, where it is likely to drop seeds and self sow, thus come spring, you've got lots of new plants. Which is a good thing, because this versatile player--also looks great with hostas-is welcome all over the garden.

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